$4 Ribbon Christmas Card Display

Thanksgiving over, which means its finally time to decorate for CHRISTMAS! I’m excited can’t you tell.  I started the tradition of using our kitchen cabinets to display our Christmas cards. It is an inexpensive way to decorate the kitchen and was reasonably cheap to construct in a few easy steps. The whole display cost me $4.00 to complete thanks to my local Dollar Tree. Not including the scotch tape.


3 Spools of Ribbon (1 spool will go over three cabinet doors).
27 clothespins
Scotch tape

Kitchen Cabinets.
  1. Buy ribbon. I have always purchased ribbon for this project at the Dollar Tree They have had a great teal color that matches my decor! But, you can buy your ribbon at any craft store. Click HERE to see the ribbon I used.
  2. Measure the ribbon out so that the ribbon lays flat across the front of the cabinet. You’ll want to make there is enough overlap that you can tie a knot later.  Cut ribbon.  Pro tip: One spool of ribbon covered three cabinets.
  3. Tie two ends of ribbon into a knot and tape above and below knot with a piece of scotch tape. You’ll need to make sure the ribbon lays flat.

  4. Close cabinet and make sure the ribbon lays flat. If the ribbon does not lay flat, you’ll want to re-tie the knot.
  5. As you receive cards from loved ones and friends, attach the cards to the ribbon with a safety pin. Click HERE to see the clothespin I use.  I typically display three cards per cabinet door.

I decorated nine cabinet doors this way and used three spools of ribbon. Since I display three cards per door, I need 27 clothespins. That means this whole project costs me around $4!!! That’s an incredible price.

I can’t wait to see your displays! Share them.



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