5 Must-Have Baby Items

My baby just turned five months old, and that makes me a bonafide expert on all things baby. Just Kidding! I’m far from an expert but I’m happy to share my list of 5 must-have baby items that will make life with an infant a little easier.

Uppababy Vista V2 And Mesa Travel System

must-have baby items

I’m not going to lie, this system was expensive but it’s been worth every penny. The stroller glides easily and almost functions as a jogging stroller. You’ll love its smooth glide. I’ve put quite a few miles on the stroller, and I’ve been beyond happy with it. Adeline seems to really love her time in the pram.

Bonus, the pram can double as a bassinet while your little one is under three months.

Baby Brezza Formula Dispenser

must-have baby items

I affectionately call this device the baby Keurig. This machine has been a lifesaver for feedings, taking care of all the mixing for us. You can easily adjust the machine to fit the formula you’re feeding your baby and the temperature settings. The Baby Breeza does have to be cleaned on a regular basis and you will need to shake the bottles to ensure that the formula is completely mixed in, but trust me it’s worth the struggle.

Diaper Genie

must-have baby items

I was given a diaper genie and a year’s supply of refills and carbon filters as a shower gift. I was a little skeptical about the diaper genie… but it’s been amazing and easy to change. Not to mention, all odors have been kept at bay! The downside to the diaper genie is that we are already halfway through our year’s supply or refills. Luckily, our local Target sells the refill kits.

Pottery Barn Bristol Bassinet

must-have baby items

I had my heart set on a round crib for Adeline, but quickly found that a round-shaped crib was almost non-existent. Luckily, this Pottery Barn bassinet has been a life-saver. Unlike many other baby bassinets, this one is rated for your little one to use until they reach 30 lbs. You can also easily move your baby around the house thanks to the wheels, and sleep confidently knowing your baby is safe.

Fisher-Price® Deluxe Kick and Play Piano Gym in Pink

must-have baby items

This was the first toy Adeline paid attention to once she got home. She has spent hours kicking and making sounds or in her terms, playing the piano. This playmat will grow with her and will be useful up until the age of 2.5 years. She’s started to interact with the toys along the arch and enjoys seeing herself in the mirror during her performances.

There are so many other baby items that I’ve become a fan of, and I can’t wait to share a few more favorites with you. What’s your must-have item for your baby.

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