5 Thanksgiving Accessories You Won’t Want to Miss

Thanksgiving is going to be interesting this year, without Bojangle’s turkeys. It’s really tragic, I’m not sure what turkey I’ll be serving this year but that’s a problem for another day. I’ve at least got an awesome tablescape planned that I can’t wait to share.

Teal Thankful Shirt

Our Thanksgiving celebration is exceptionally low-key! In fact, it’s a t-shirt, jeans, and flip-flops sort of day. I love this shirt from Amazon! The color is exceptional and I love typography. The top retails at $16 shipped!

Photo courtesy of Amazon.

Turkey Earrings

Amazon is full of festive surprises this year! These rhinestone turkey earrings are the best thing I’ve seen all season! Bonus- They coordinate with the Amazon Thankful t-shirt. I may just have to wear these two pieces together on Thanksgiving.

Photo courtesy of Amazon.

Fancied Flair Cap Sleeve Blouse

Modcloth is one of my go-to brands for festive apparel and I’m obsessed with this colorful pumpkin shirt. This shirt could be dressed up and dressed down for your holiday dinner. You’ll have to order it soon to ensure a Thanksgiving delivery.

Photo courtesy of Modcloth.

Pumpkin Pie Leggings

Who doesn’t want to spend Thanksgiving night lounging around in these pumpkin pie leggings from Tipsy Elves? I’d love to wear these leggings while snacking on the last few slices of pumpkin pie! Oh, and just so you know… pumpkin pie is a totally acceptable breakfast and snack item for the holidays.

Photo courtesy of Tipsy Elves.

Gobble Gobble Thanksgiving Headband

I love festive headbands! I just purchased a rhinestone Thanksgiving headband. Otherwise, I’d be adding one of these Party City beauties to my collection. You’ll be a hit at Thanksgiving while sporting this headband.

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