5 Tips for Taking Your Family Photo

Halloween is behind us, which means its full steam ahead towards the holidays! I send holiday cards to family and friends for Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. For every holiday, we take an updated family photo to share with our greeting.

A family member who lives far away love to see updated pictures of their loved ones, but it is not always practical to hire a photographer to take family photos. It’s rarely possible for us to hire a photographer! Although, we do take professional pictures every few years.

We take a simple snapshot out on the steps of our deck using a camera phone, selfie stick, and a little patience. Clark is often the hardest member of our family to capture in our family photo, but we are always able to achieve a memorable pose!

Family Photo
Family Photo

Five Tips for Taking Your Family Photo

  1. Invest in a tripod for your camera or a user-friendly selfie stick! Here are a few of my favorites!
    1. Selfie Stick
    2. Tripod
  2. Wait for the sun, and check the weather. Since you’re taking the photo yourself, you can make sure the weather is on your side. There is nothing better than natural sunlight.
  3. Decide on your apparel. Choose your outfit in advance. You don’t have to coordinate perfectly
  4. Choose your location. We almost always use our back stairs. They are easy to pose on and provide a nice rustic backdrop. But, I’m also a fan of our brick siding as a backdrop.
  5. Don’t expect a perfect photo. The photos you take yourself are never going to be perfect, but they will always capture a moment in time.

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