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A New Decade, A New Year

Cheers to a new decade, and a new year! Are you ready for 2020? I think I am, I’m so excited about all the places that I’ll go, the people I will meet, and all the new skills I’ll learn.

My original thought for 2019, was that it would be a year of beginnings. It didn’t turn into a year of beginnings, instead, it was a year of transitions. Adjusting to new roles, and forming the framework for the new beginnings that will come in 2020 (I hope).

A few 2019 highlights:

  • I traveled to West Virginia, DC, NC, SC, Florida, MD, and St. Kitts.
  • I finally got to see Hamilton on stage.
  • River City Belle doubled in readership.
  • I applied and received the copyright for River City Belle from the US Copyright Office.

Jerad and I are celebrating our tenth anniversary today. Today’s celebration is low-key but tomorrow, we are headed on a trip that I am so excited about. I can’t wait to share all the details with you. It’s definitely a bucket list trip.

Are you ready for 2020?

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