River City Belle is centered around the joys of baking, cooking, crafting, celebrating, and savoring every precious moment life has to offer.By day, I wear multiple hats as a dedicated college professor, adept writer, seasoned content developer, and a trusted development consultant. But when the sun sets, I become a devoted mom, loving wife, enthusiastic crafter, and passionate celebrator. I have a knack for turning everyday moments into extraordinary celebrations. Life is meant to be cherished!As my content demonstrates, I wholeheartedly embrace every holiday that comes my way. From ringing in the New Year to crafting DIY costumes and organizing toddler activities, I relish keeping life engaging and festive.

Beyond my love for baking, crafting, and education, one of my most cherished pastimes is traveling. My passion for travel began in my teenage years when I climbed the stairs of the iconic Eiffel Tower and explored the opulent halls of the Castle of Versailles. Since then,  I’ve traveled the globe by raft, train, plane, motorcoach, boat, and car, taking in the world’s most breathtaking locations. Nevertheless, no matter how far I roam, I always find my way back home to the River City.

Stick around and discover how to infuse every moment with celebration and make life’s small joys extraordinary. Want to chat? Email me at rivercitybelle@gmail.com.