Once upon a time, I was the girl who convinced her friend we should finish cooking our brownies for a church bake sale in the microwave. Fearless as I was, I took the hard brownies to the bake sale and named them Extra Rocky Road… and they sold. Okay, one sold… to my friend’s dad. The Extra Rocky Road brownies were quickly followed by Empty Muffins, muffins I made that didn’t have a center and endless experiments whose memories still bring laughter to the dinner table.

Fast forward fifteen years, and I was a newlywed attempting to master crock-pot cuisine. I made an ill-fated attempt at honey mustard chicken… with two ingredients… honey mustard and chicken. Yeah, it was as bad as it sounds. Today, the kitchen and I have declared a truce. I’ve managed to create some delicious meals and desserts. If I can cook, anyone can.

Besides cooking, one of my other favorite activities is traveling. While my peers were planning their senior beach week trips, I was scaling the stairs of the Eiffel Tower and exploring the halls of the Castle of Versailles in my first overseas adventure. Since then, I’ve traveled the world by raft, train, plane, boat, and car. I’ve seen some of the most beautiful places in the world, but I always come home to the River City.

I still can’t make brownies, I’m not a crock-pot maven… and I haven’t traveled to all seven continents… but I am Amanda the blogger behind River City Belle and I’m living my happily ever after in the suburbs with my husband and daughter. Want to chat? Email me at rivercitybelle@gmail.com.