Adeline has Arrived!

Adeline arrived three weeks early in a very determined fashion. Since her arrival, she’s thrown our world upside down… in the best possible way. If she’s as dramatic as her arrival, we are sure to have our hands full!

An Early Arrival

Due to a few medical issues, I opted to have Adeline via a scheduled c-section at 37 weeks. Opted, is a very loose term as I had very few viable and safe delivery options.

Despite our best planning, the c-section was scheduled and we only had 6 days to finalize the details for her arrival. She was born three weeks early and spent thirteen days in the NICU at a local hospital. Our NICU stay was long and exhausting. We’re now settling into the new normal which ironically is also exhausting.

A Baby Without A Name

Throughout the pregnancy, I kept a list of tentative names but none seemed to fit. It also seemed incredibly odd to us to name a child without actually seeing her. We tentatively chose Adeline on our way to the hospital on the morning of the c-section but didn’t officially name her until a few hours after her birth.

We loved the old-fashion charm of Adeline, and it’s French roots. Adeline is a variation of the french name Adele meaning noble or nobility. While the name Adeline is more popular than we would have liked, we fell in love with it.

NICU Graduate

Adeline is officially a NICU graduate and our own little Wonder Woman. We kept her dressed in superhero onesies for most of her stay. Nothing matches a feeding tube quite like a BatGirl onesie.


I have to admit that I’m enjoying dressing Adeline up as superheroes, but I’m also looking forward to dressing her like a little princess. And, before you ask, we already have two awesome Halloween costumes planned.


Check-out Adeline’s awesome WonderWoman blanket! It’s pretty darn amazing.

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