Aqua Carpet Event: AR Workshop Richmond

I’ve been counting down the days until AR Workshop opened. AR Workshop is a studio that offers DIY classes, painting classes, and a variety of other classes in addition to offering retail items such as jewelry and candles. The concept looks great and I love this style girl’s night. I’d hoped to hold my birthday celebration there in August but the shop wasn’t open. Instead, I hosted a Rainbow Brite themed cookie decorating party. Maybe we can get an August 2019 date set!

As fate would have it, I was able to attend the opening celebration for AR Workshop and their Aqua Carpet Event for local bloggers.  The Aqua Carpet event was a small event hosted by Workshop that allowed guests to participate in the shop’s first ever class! It was an amazing experience! I’ve attended other wood workshops and thought I knew exactly what to expect, my expectations were met and surpassed!

At AR Workshop, you not only paint your own projects you also assemble them using power tools. I’m so proud to say that I assembled my frame using a nail gun with limited supervision. The workshop was my first experience using a nail gun and electric screwdriver. The experience was empowering, especially as a fledgling DIYer.

If you are local to Richmond, you need to visit the shop for your next girl’s night or to pick up small gifts. AR Workshop isn’t just a project-based business, they also have a large retail space and are open during regular mall hours.

I’m already planning to attend a lazy susan class in the future!

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