Asheville, NC

I’ve wanted to visit Asheville for years! So, when the opportunity arose to visit Asheville for work I jumped at the chance to visit the city. I was only in town for 36 hours and of that time… I really only had three hours of free time.

I am devastated that I did not get to visit the famed Biltmore Estate…which means I’ll have to visit the Land of the Sky again. Who’s up for the road trip?

The city of Asheville is unique. There is an artsy feel to the city… street performers, dog walkers, and thrift shops. But, apparently, a girl with a selfie stick is not normal for these city dwellers. I got quite a few stares while trying to photograph the city.

After reviewing my options, I selected Early Girl Eatery for dinner. (Thanks for all the recommendations.) No fewer than three people recommended the eatery to me… Following the afternoon session of my conference, I hoofed it 0.7 miles to Early Girl. The distance may seem small, but let me tell you it felt like a hike! Imagine my dismay when I arrived only to find that Early Girl Eatery closes at 3 PM on Mondays!!! Yikes!


Like any good blogger, I had a backup plan… Salsa. I adore Mexican food, Jerad and I eat at the Mexican restaurant in our neighborhood at least once a week. I heard that Salsa’s food was unrivaled. I walked an additional 0.5 miles in the rain to Salsa. Now, that’s dedication.


My arrival was awkward… The restaurant was smaller than I anticipated and I was sat next to a family. The tables were so close to each other, I accidentally hit the individual sitting next to me taking off my blazer. It literally felt like I was the uninvited guest to dinner. But, the family was polite and friendly.

I settled on Diet Pepsi and a chicken chalupa for dinner. The food was surprisingly good. Given the venues small space and location, my expectations were very low. While the food was good the prices were expensive… my meal came to $16.41… before tip…


Overall, I liked Asheville. I dug the artsy vibe, the foodie culture and the friendly folks I met around time.

Until we meet again.

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