Batgirl Costume

Dog and Owner Costume: Batgirl vs. Superman

I love planning out costumes! During last year’s Orange Sale (Halloween Clearance Sale) I grabbed some essential pieces to our Batgirl vs. Superman outfits. We didn’t get to do our usual stop at our local pet store, but we did manage to make it out to Stony Point Fashion Park’s Annual Howl-o-ween Bash. The Howl-o-ween bash is one of my favorite events of the season. We didn’t win the costume contest, but we had a blast celebrating with friends. We were blessed with perfect weather and lots of smiles.

Adult Halloween costumes are difficult to plan. For me, they always seem too tight, too short, too… well you get the point. As soon, as I saw this sequin Batgirl mask I knew exactly what costume I’d be wearing!


I splurged a little this year and had my Batgirl dress made by an Etsy artisan. The Etsy vendor was happy to accommodate my request to add additional length to the dress and bustline. I couldn’t be happier with the results. In fact, she’s made a second superhero costume for me that I’m wearing later this Halloween season.

Once I paired the dress with gold gloves, Batman cape, and my favorite black boots I was all set for the festival.

Batgirl Costume

Clark’s costume was super simple! We named him after Clark Kent, so by birth he practically lives in a Superman Costume. For once, he didn’t mind wearing his costume all day. The Superman costume easily fit over his gentle leader leash.

What are your dog and owner costume plans? Now, to start planning next year’s outfits!

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