Berlin Bear in Boston?

This spring I traveled to Berlin and met my first Buddy the Bear. Buddy the Bear is an international symbol of peace and tolerance. The Buddy the Bear project began in 2001 in Berlin. Click HERE to learn more.

I brought home one souvenir from Berlin, a miniature Buddy the Bear. I looked all over the city in gift shops for just the right bear. And, finally, I found him. He currently sits on my mantle in my living room as a constant reminder of my trip. Click HERE to see the bear I brought home.

Flash forward three months, and I found myself visiting Boston. While walking around a shopping mall in the city, I looked up to see a Buddy the Bear. My traveling companions thought I had lost my mind and was hallucinating. But, I wasn’t. I managed to locate the bear on the third floor of the mall and of course documented the sighting.

The JFK Buddy the Bear is located on the third floor of the Copley Mall in Boston.

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