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Blue Apron: Creamy Pesto Fettucini

I love Blue Apron meal kits, if my budget allowed I would only cook dinners from meal kits. Unfortunately, like most other families meal kits are a luxury item. But, I’m always looking for a deal. I scored a 50% off deal and immediately ordered a month’s worth of meals!

Why Meal Kits?

Blue Apron is one of the few meal kit vendors that provide meals for two and a two meal a week plan. This eliminates waste and ensures we can maintain a meal calendar that isn’t overwhelmed! Overall, I also feel that Blue Apron is one of the more cost-efficient kits. It’s also an added bonus that they offer official WW meals.

Creamy Pesto Fettuccini

As soon as I saw creamy pesto fettucini meal, as an option, I knew we’d be ordering it. A few summers ago, we grew our own basil and I made my own pesto. That summer, my love affair with pesto began. If you’ve never tried out pesto pizza you’re not really living life.

Easy to Follow Directions

Blue Apron offers detailed instructions that even a novice dinner chef is able to follow. The needed ingredients for each meal kit arrive in your refrigerated are all packed in beautifully labeled bags. Spoil yourself, and oil your first meal kit.

Want to know more?

Check out my latest YouTube video to watch along as I make this Creamy Pesto Fettuccini meal.

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