DIY Candy Corn Tassel Earrings

Candy Corn Inspired DIY Tassel Earrings

I am loving the tassel earring trend, and I’ve been looking for the perfect tassel earring online vendor. After one too many failed online orders. I took matters into my own hands and taught myself to make these fabulous DIY Candy Corn Tassel Earrings.

Tassel earrings are commonly made from embroidery thread that is easily procured at a local craft store. For this project, I headed to my local Micheals’ for supplies and selected metallic white, orange, and yellow thread. The metallic thread was costly, but I’m obsessed with the sparkles.

Instructions & Supply List

2 Skeins each white, orange, and yellow embroidery thread
2 Fish hook earring wires
1 Needle and thread

DIY Candy Corn Tassel Earrings

Step One. Take wrappings off each end of the embroidery floss. Clip 10″ strand of thread and leave the remaining thread intact.

Step Two. Cut the 10″ strand of thread into two pieces measuring 5″ each.

DIY Candy Corn Tassel Earrings

Step 3. Fold the remaining thread in half using one of the 5″ threads. Clip the loops on both ends.

Step 4. Fold the bundle of thread in half. Spin the top to create the top tassel and tie the second piece of 5″ thread from the top. This creates the tassel.

Step 5. Next, clip the threads of the tassel so that the bottom of the tassel is even. Finally, repeat the process until you’ve created the number of tassels needed for your earrings.

Step 6. Stack the tassels by using the needle and thread. Then, I tied a knot at the top loop of my bottom tassel and then threaded the remaining tassels on top. Connect the tassels to the fish hook earring wire.

This project was incredibly simple! I will never buy tassel earrings again. I’ve been making tassel earrings all week to share with friends! I purchased cards and plastic bags from Amazon to give the earrings a professional look. This Halloween season is going to be all about the tassels. I’m even considering adding these DIY Candy Corn Tassel Earrings to my Etsy store.

Now, the major question is what color (s) do I make my Thanksgiving tassels?

DIY Candy Corn Tassel Earrings
DIY Candy Corn Tassel Earrings

Check out last year’s post to find out all the details of my casual pumpkin outfit.

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