Christmas Earrings Roundup

It’s no secret that I love Christmas Earrings, and I’ve spotted lots of cute options while I’ve been out and about. There are so many good options and it’s all I can do to not buy them all! I’m limiting myself, and it’s been a real test.


For me, BaubleBar is the OG of Christmas earrings. I wear items from BaubleBar on repeat from October to January. Their earrings are legitimately, the best around. However, the BaubleBar items are heavy and will require you to tape your ears.

Photo Courtesy of BaubleBar.

To catch the best BaubleBar earrings, you’ll want to watch for the holiday releases each October.


If you love BaubleBar earrings, but don’t have the BaubleBar budget check out Target. Target carries SugarFix, an affordable sister brand to BaubleBar. The SugarFix earrings start at $12.99 and are adorable.

Christmas Earrings
Photo courtesy of Target.

Target also has another range of Christmas earrings that starts at $6.99. These glitter snowmen were adorable it was very, very hard to resist purchasing these.

Christmas Earrings

TJ Maxx

You never know exactly what you’ll find in your local TJ Maxx, and I was pleasantly surprised to find Betsey Johnson Christmas earrings. I can never find Betsey Johnson holiday items in-store, I’m still on the hunt for that pumpkin purse. Obviously, I snagged a seriously cute pair of gingerbread earrings. I found a coordinating necklace at another TJ Max last week. I’m feeling a little like I won the Betsey Johnson accessory lottery.


I’m not a frequent Walmart shopper, but I swear every time I enter the store I find something cute. I spotted a rack of some of the cutest earrings I’ve seen on my way to the register and knew I had to share! Some of these look similar to BaubleBar.

But seriously, holiday earrings are the easiest way to make any outfit festive. Hurry out to your favorite store and snag a set!

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