Christmas in July: Planning Christmas 2020

July is always the start of the Christmas planning season for me. The unknown of 2020, has me uncertain as to what festivities we will be able to host.

If you’ve been around awhile, you know that we typically host two parties (Cookie Exchange and Christmas party) and co-host a third (Neighborhood Caroling Party). Realistically, this year I’m not sure which of our celebrations will actually happen!

Cookie Exchange

Hands down, the Cookie Exchange is one of my favorite girl’s night activities! The day after Christmas this year, I headed out shopping to snag a few deals and plan the prizes for the 2020 celebration. Assuming this year would be like every other year, I’ve already picked the date, ordered the invites, and selected the trophies.

The good news is, that I think this celebration is the one party that’ll happen! The guest list can be altered to a smaller group that will allow us to easily social distance within my home. I might need to add festive Christmas masks to our attire. Fingers crossed this is the one celebration that can take place.


Christmas Party

For all my Christmas planning, our annual Christmas Party may be a casualty of 2020. Last year’s, Home Alone theme was EPIC and this year’s theme was on track to surpass it. This year would be our tenth year throwing the shindig. Nothing has ever stopped the party, not snow, ice, or recent moves. But, the pandemic may be the one thing that is able to put our party on hold.

Christmas Planning

The guest list for this party is too large to allow for social distancing and if the pandemic hasn’t settled down, we’ll have to make the decision to cancel. I’m brainstorming ways to host the celebration in a virtual format. I’ve waited YEARS for this year’s theme and I’ve already ordered the trivia medals.

Neighborhood Caroling Party

Caroling around our neighborhood on a cold Saturday night in December has become a tradition. It’s such a fun time to spend with our neighbors and bringing joy to the area. Every year, the celebration gets larger.

This celebration could take place if we separate into smaller family groups to carol, social distance, and wear masks. But, it is still uncertain how we’ll co-host this event.

Christmas Planning

The uncertainty of the year means that normal no longer exists. At least not in the manner we are used to. Celebrations will be canceled and adjusted, but we’ll still celebrate and I’m eagerly looking to 2021 to be the best year yet. Have you thought about your holiday plans?

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