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Organizing Home: Cleaning Up Christmas!

I always seem to have a heavy heart when cleaning up Christmas but it has to be done. For me, the task is almost monumental! I decorate almost every room of my home. I start the process of cleaning up the day after Christmas and finish a few days after New Year’s Day.

Last year, I started packing up my decor by room and labeling the boxes by room. I found labeling by room helped with our move a few years ago, so I knew the concept would work for holiday decor. This year, I was able to slowly decorate the different spaces of our home and keep the chaos to a minimum. I’m taking the same approach this year, and I’m hoping that Christmas 2020 will be the simplest setup and clean-up yet!

Clear Storage Tubs

The majority of our decor is in plastic tubs, I’ve been working on converting these tubs to the clear version. Using the clear version of tubs allows you to easily see the contents of the tubs. I’m then able to organize my attic by rooms.

Cleaning up Christmas
Cleaning Up Christmas

Christmas Laundry

One of my least favorite things to do in general is laundry! I seriously put laundry off for weeks at a time. But, I make sure as part of the process of cleaning up Christmas that I wash all our Christmas clothes, linens, blankets and bedspreads before I pack them away. I label these containers the same way I do the decor.

Converting Christmas Decor

To ease my sadness over cleaning up Christmas decor, I change some of my decorations over for New Year’s Day. I convert our dining room tree into a New Year’s tree that stores the props and hats for New Year’s Eve.

How do you handle cleaning up your holiday decor? When do you start the cleanup.

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