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Laundry has been the bane of my existence for as long as I can remember, I also don’t like to vacuum but that’s another story. One of my dreams in life is to have someone come and do my laundry on a weekly basis. Unfortunately, no one has shown up to do my laundry, and it is still my responsibility. Although, I believe I hold the record for the longest time between laundry loads. Seriously, I can go a month without doing laundry.

Since we moved into our new home doing laundry has become even more challenging as the washer and dryer reside in the basement an entire floor below our main living area! It isn’t that bad, but I like to complain about it now and again… and of course, scheme ways that we can move the laundry room upstairs.

Clothes Spin Laundry

There are sometimes when I get so behind on laundry that I visit local laundromat to get caught up. I used laundromat during my residency classes in Lynchburg. No matter how well I packed for these trips, I always ended up needing something to be cleaned. I was even once able to get my laundry washed and folded at a small shop in Lynchburg. Seriously, Lynchburg has always had the best laundry services and laundromats. I wasn’t surprised to hear about Lynchburg’s The Clothes Spin Laundry Mat.

The Clothes Spin Laundromat is Lynchburg’s brand-new coin laundromat. It is the best and most convenient laundromat in the area to do your laundry. You will feel comfortable in their clean, modern, spacious, well-lit location.

The Clothes Spin Laundry
Image: Clothes Spin Laundry

The Clothes Spin Laundromat is open 24 hours a day / 7 days a week! That’s perfect for a college town like Lynchburg. But, the Clothes Spin is also ideal for local neighbors and friends around the area. The washers at the facility can handle large loads of laundry, in fact, some of the machines can handle 80 pounds of laundry! Seriously, I’ve never seen or heard of a washer that large. There are four sizes of washers and large capacity dryers. I mean, these aren’t your mom’s washers and dryers! The facility has 22 washers and 24 dryers that are available for your use. So all you laundry fanatics that like to split up your clothes from lights to darks to bleachables do not have to worry about running out of machines to use. Each of the washers also has big windows on them so you can keep an eye on your clothes as they spin to make sure no lip balm is rolling around in there! Trust me; this is something I need on a regular basis. I wash an immense amount of lip balm on a regular basis.

Not only does Clothes Spin offer washers that will wash 80 pounds of laundry, but they also offer three other sizes and new extra-large dryers. At Clothes Spin, you can clean and dry loads of laundry in only seventy-five minutes… or less. You could do a week’s worth of laundry in one load, but I would try for two.

You don’t need cash or coins to pay for your laundry services. The Clothes Spin allows customers to pay for their laundry services in cash and using the ClearToken app for smartphones. Once you download the app, you’ll need to purchase laundry credits through the app. The app will walk you through the process. So, no more lugging around pockets full of quarters or worrying about how much cash to bring.

The Clothes Spin offers FREE WIFI and comfortable seating areas where you can study, hang out or chat with friends. If you get hungry, snacks and cold drinks are available for purchase.  A variety of laundry soap is available to purchase as well as dryer sheets to make sure your clothes are clean and smell great without static cling!

The Clothes Spin Laundromat offers cutting edge security technology because safety is critical to the owners. The facility has staff on site and is under constant video surveillance. You’ll always be safe and stress-free during your visit. I’m personally planning to visit the facility the next time I visit Lynchburg.

Do you use laundromats to get caught up on your laundry? If so, what do you look for in laundromats?

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