Destination Gettysburg: Dobbin House Tavern

When I was planning my visit to Gettysburg, I had a full lineup of restaurants to visit, and the Dobbin House Tavern was not on the agenda.  However, during a pre-visit call to the Swope Manor, one of the innkeepers suggested that I visit Dobbin House Tavern. I immediately made reservations at Dobbin House Tavern during my Gettysburg visit.

The Dobbin House facility has two dining options; the first is a traditional tavern space.  I ultimately decided to have dinner in the Alexander Dobbin Dining Rooms.  Dinner was terrific, and the selection of bread was superb. We ate the entire basket of bread with zero regrets. The Alexander Dobbin Dining Rooms are candlelight and the waitstaff are dressed in historical era garb.

Dobbin House Tavern bread selection.


Dobbin House Tavern salad course.


Dobbin House Tavern Broiled Filet Mignon

After dinner, I headed upstairs to visit the small Underground Railroad museum. The museum features a small crawl space that was featured in National Geographic. The Dobbin House served as a “station” of the Underground Railroad. Experiencing an Underground Railroad station was incredible and moving.

Dobbin House Tavern: Underground Railroad Station



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