DIY Costume- Glinda

You’ve always had the power, my dear, you just had to learn it for yourself. -Glinda

The realization that we can overcome so many of the obstacles facing us on our own and we had this power all through our struggles. The power was there all the time. I’ve encountered a few obstacles myself over the last two years. Some obstacles were easy to get through, others I’m still working through. But, I will make it through all the obstacles, eventually.

In early January, I stumbled on a digital art piece featuring Glinda’s quote on Etsy and had to have it.  A framed version of the quote hangs above my desk and inspires me daily. The quote also inspired this year’s costume for the fall season and Halloween.  But, finding the perfect Glinda costume proved more than challenging… it was almost impossible.

I started with a store bought dress from an online costume shop, and it was well, awful! It was ill-fitting and cheaply made and should never, ever be worn in public. But, if you would like to order your version of this monstrosity you may click HERE. Worse, I waited four months to try on the dress, so I wasn’t able to return it. But, I was able to sell it on eBay and make most of my money back. I purchased the dress for $59.00, and the costume didn’t come with accessories.


After four Amazon purchases and four Amazon returns, I finally found THE Glinda dress. However, I was skeptical that THE Glinda dress would work out for me. Primarily because the dress was being shipped from China. When the dress arrived, it was almost perfect and I was exceedingly happy. You can purchase my almost perfect Glinda dress HERE, and it’ll only set you back $33.99.

My Glinda jewels came from my friend’s Paparazzi Accessories store, can you believe the necklace and earring set was only $5.00!!! Visit Kelly’s shop HERE.

The final piece of my Glinda costume was a crown and wand. I contemplated making my crown and wand but opted to splurge on this set for $28.99 from Etsy. You can buy your set HERE.

If you are keeping track, my Glinda costume set me back $68.97. A mere $10.00 more than the awful original Glinda costume. It was worth the added expense.

I kept my footwear simple and opted to wear pink glitter Tom’s, but they didn’t match the dress perfectly, or at all if we’re honest. But, they were comfortable, and comfort in my footwear is my highest priority. You can click HERE to see a similar pair on eBay.  I didn’t include the shoes in the costs, as I already owned them.

Have a safe and happy fall! If you dress as Glinda, send me a picture.



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