DIY Grandma Gifts

DIY Grandma Gifts: Personalized Coloring Pages

As a parent, I always seek for meaningful activities to share with my daughter. We have found a beautiful way to show appreciation for her grandmothers: DIY Grandma Gifts. This simple project isn’t just a craft; it’s a cherished keepsake that brings joy and a touch of nostalgia.

DIY Grandmother Gift

Our Creative Process

We begin by designing a coloring page in Canva depicting my daughter’s favorite things. She currently loves Johnny Pops in the “rainbow” flavor. I work on developing the design and a few simple questions for the little one to answer. Little one gets to work and fills the pages with vibrant colors, her favorite part of the whole project. I love working with her to develop her artistic side!

After she finishes coloring, we laminate the pages using laminating sheets. I snagged a few sheets from Lidl this year and it was time to put them to use. While I got my sheets from Aldi, you can also find them on Amazon. This easy step transforms her artwork into durable, glossy gifts that look great on any wall or fridge. It’s a fun, quick way to preserve these memories and create decorations and cherished gifts that all grandmas are guaranteed to love.

Why It’s a Hit

  • It’s Personal: Each page is a reflection of their unique relationship.
  • Lasting Memories: The laminated pages are durable and display-worthy (at least for a short period of time).
  • Quality Time: It’s a perfect way to spend an afternoon bonding with your little one, creating and chatting.

Try It Yourself!

Are you interested in creating your DIY Grandma Gifts? Start with this free, downloadable coloring page. I’ve included sheets for all the Grandmas, Mimis, and Gigis in your life. It’s easy to print and perfect for adding to a Mother’s Day gift or really any occasion that you’re celebrating. Our sheets this year are, well… exciting and hysterical! I can’t wait to share them after Mother’s Day. 

Creating homemade gifts and cards has become a cherished tradition for my daughter and me, and it could be for you and your little one, too. It’s not just about the coloring; it’s about the laughter, the stories, and the memories shared along the way. Now, it’s your turn give it a try? Grandma will be overjoyed, and you’ll create a special bond with your mini!

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