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DIY Holiday Gel Manicure

Do you miss going to the nail salon as much as I do? Over the past year, I’ve perfected the DIY Holiday Gel Manicure thanks to one of my favorite products, Dashing Diva. I stumbled on Dashing Diva in the early part of the pandemic and I haven’t looked back. I’ll be honest, after my experience with imPress nails, I was concerned about trying another DIY at-home manicure option. However, Dashing Diva has never disappointed me. I’ve also found a few other DIY lines that I’m excited to share with you in the future.

Everyday Manicures

Dashing Diva has lots of options for everyday manicures. From solids to patterns, and everything in between, Dashing Diva has a set of nails for your style. I keep a small arsenal of nail sets on hand to make sure I am always able to give myself a quick manicure on the go. My favorite color sets are When in Salem and Blue Grotto. I also LOVE all the holiday sets.

When in Salem nail strips.
Photo courtesy of Dashing Diva.
Blue Grotto nail strips.
Photo courtesy of Dashing Diva.

I haven’t tried the press-on nail options, yet. I like to keep my nails very short, and the press-on nails tend to be longer than what appeals to my personal style. But, if you love long nails, the press-on packs might be your perfect match.

Holiday Gel Manicure

I love to celebrate the holidays with festive accessories, and attire. Festive nails, for me, are an extension of my personal celebrations. Over the past year, I’ve proudly purchased nail sets to celebrate Memorial Day, July 4th, Halloween, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day. I’m looking forward to another year of celebrations. This Valentine’s Day, I selected the Yours Truly design and I was overall happy with the set. My one complaint is the rhinestone on one of the designs didn’t fit on my short nails, but that’s a minor flaw in an overall great product.

Yours Truly nail strips.
Photo courtesy of Dashing Diva.

Check out the video below, and follow along with me as I get to put on my holiday set. From start to finish a set takes me five to eight minutes and your nails are dry instantly! That’s a WIN-WIN in my book.

Have you mastered the art of doing your own nails? If so, what’s your favorite product? Make sure to visit Dashing Diva by clicking HERE, and let them know I sent you!

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