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Easy Dinners on a Budget: (Week One)

I have decided to rely less on DoorDash and takeout and aim to make easy dinners on a budget at home a few nights a week. But to stick to this plan, I need simple and easy recipes with little prep time. Cooking like a top chef is not my aim; I want an affordable and healthy meal.

I have two primary reasons for cooking dinner at home. Firstly, I want to save money for my upcoming trips. Secondly, I want to eat healthier. With the current economic situation and inflation, it’s essential to be mindful of our expenses. Every week, my grocery budget is stretched slightly more than before, making it difficult to afford daily food delivery services like DoorDash. Therefore, I have decided to challenge myself to create weekly, easy dinner-on-a-budget meal plans and stick to them!

Easy Dinners on a Budget

Week One: Easy Dinners on a Budget

For Week One, I have planned the following meals:

  1. Pesto Tortellini and Bread: I shopped for the ingredients at Aldi, which turned out to be a quick and tolerable meal. The Aldi brand pesto had a robust flavor, but I would pair the tortellini with another sauce next time. Mama Cozzi’s Aldi brand Texas Toast was a hit.
  1. Chicken Fajita Casserole: I found this super simple casserole recipe on TikTok, and it has the potential to become a new family favorite. I got the recipe from Steph’s Real Life feed and highly recommend subscribing to it.
  2. Basic Chicken and Cheese Hoagies: I found this recipe on my FYP and plan to pair it with chips or a quick Suddenly Salad pasta salad.
  3. Chicken Wings: We finally bought an air fryer, and one of our favorite things to cook in it is chicken wings. We will be making BBQ and Ranch dry-rub wings this week.

What is your favorite simple weeknight dinner? Easy dinners on a budget are a must nowadays. What is your favorite recipe? Drop the recipe below.

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