Easy Nutella Stuffed Cupcakes

Tonight, Jerad and I are going to the last party of the holiday season! Can you believe it… the very last party?!?!

I was volunteered to bring a dessert.  As you can imagine, after a season of holiday baking I was tired of the same old same old recipes.   After a few hours of internet research, I developed easiest recipe ever!

1 box vanilla cake mix
3 eggs
1 cup of water
1/2 cup vegetable oil
1 container of Nutella

1 container of vanilla icing
10-12 strawberries

1. Follow the directions on the cake mix. Make the batter and then set aside.
2. Place cupcake holders in 1-2 muffin pans (depending on your pan size)
3. Fill the cupcake holders with the cake batter.


4. Add one spoonful of Nutella to each cupcake holder (don’t stress the cake batter will expand to cover the Nutella.


5. Bake the cupcakes as directed on the cake mix box.

6. Let the cupcakes cool for 30 minutes.

Optional Icing Directions:
7. Lightly ice each cupcake with vanilla icing.
8. Cut off the tops of the strawberries. (Dispose of the tops.)
9. Finely chop the strawberries up. I used a handheld chopper.
10. Sprinkle the strawberries on top of each cupcake.
11. Serve and enjoy your cupcakes.

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