Fall DIY: Halloween Wreath

Our home/construction site has three entryways, which means I get to decorate three doors each holiday! Well, I also have a slight obsession with holidays. I’ve made a version of this wreath for the last few years, and I love it because it is effortless to make.

1/4 yard of fabric
1 spool of ribbon
4 Pieces of Felt (Black, Lime Green, Purple, and Orange)
1 Foam Wreath Form
Straight Pins


1. Cut fabric into strips.
2. Pin fabric to the wreath form and begin wrapping the fabric around the wreath form.

3. Pin the end of the ribbon to the back of the wreath form and wrap the ribbon around the shape.

5. Place the felt flowers around the edge of the wreath. You can find my felt flower tutorial HERE.  You’ll need four lime green flowers, three orange flowers, and three purple flowers. You’ll want to secure these flowers with hot glue.

6. Secure leaves made from the black felt as you see necessary.

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