Great Workouts You Can Do Without Breaking Social Distancing

Special Guest Post By: Anya Willis

Trying to stay fit without the gym? Keeping active when you can’t do your usual workout is a major challenge. Creating a new, socially distanced workout routine will give you the power to keep pushing toward your fitness goals. With a bit of imagination, you can find fun ways for every member of the family to stay active. Here are a few ideas for the temporarily gymless.

Redefine Your Goals

What motivated you before the pandemic may not work anymore.

Find Your Quarantine Workout

You can exercise safely, both indoors and out.

When Gyms Reopen

Re-opened gyms should do their best to keep members safe.

Staying fit right now is a challenge, but it’s one you must face. Energy, mood, and even immune function can suffer if you’re not getting enough exercise. Finding ways to keep active while respecting social distancing will help get you through quarantine as comfortably as possible.

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