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Gender Reveal: It’s A ???

We decided to host a small gender reveal party for our parents. It was a small dinner party at our home. The doctor’s office had shared the gender and Jerad wanted to shoot a cannon to find out the gender, and Clark didn’t have an opinion. Did I mention that I planned the entire dinner in four days? Luckily, the Internet is full of unique ideas.

Amazon Cannons

I thought Amazon Prime had saved our day, with these perfect cannons. The cannons arrived quickly with overnight shipping, and in mint condition. The cannons weren’t labeled for genders! There was no way to determine the gender of the cannons. It would have been a messy game of gender roulette. I also realized the confetti was not biodegradable. I quickly processed the return and shipped the defective cannons back.

Photo courtesy of Amazon.

Gender Scratch Off Games

After the cannon debacle, the internet showed me to these pretty incredible scratch-off game tickets. These tickets seemed like a great option, I could mail the tickets to family and incorporate them into our celebration. The tickets were almost perfect! Sadly, the tickets wouldn’t arrive for a month so they wouldn’t fit my timeline.

gender reveal
Photo courtesy of Target.

Gender Reveal Cake

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I’ve always been a fan of Ukrop’s cakes, and in the end, I opted to order a Ukrop’s Gender Reveal Cake. The cake only needed a 72 hour lead time and was picked up at my local Kroger.

gender reveal
gender reveal

My only complaint was the pink icing was so faint, we almost couldn’t determine the gender. But, man was it one delicious cake.

Party Supplies

I planned the gender reveal dinner last minute, so I headed to the local Party City to snag a few paper products.

gender reveal
gender reveal

Did you throw a gender reveal party? How did you make the big reveal? Now, project planning begins. I may just make another unicorn for baby girl.

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