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Grandma’s Kitchens: A Food Delivery Service Review


Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post with Grandma’s Kitchens. However, the opinions are my own.

I love to cook, but sometimes, there isn’t enough time. In the past, I’ve tried several meal delivery services that send you recipes and groceries. But, the meals take forever to prepare. Grandma’s Kitchens is different, their meals come entirely prepared and ready to eat, and that’s amazing!

Grandma’s Kitchens meals, aren’t like my grandmas’ meals but they are delicious. This food delivery service brings comfort foods from around the world into your kitchen. Every week, Grandma’s Kitchens publishes a new menu. Ordering food is simple, place your food order on Friday and your food will be delivered the following Tuesday.

The food arrives in a padded lunchbox and kept cold with ice packs. We carefully selected our meals on Friday and awaited our Tuesday delivery. All meals are locally made in Richmond and include fresh ingredients.

Grandma’s Kitchens Meal Delivery

Grandma's Kitchens

Each box from Grandma’s Kitchens comes with a doodle or handwritten note. These notes help build a connection to the food and vendor. Not to mention they are adorable!

Grandma's Kitchens
Chicken and Mushroom Risotto


Meals will keep fresh for a week, and only need to be reheated for you to enjoy! If you can’t eat the meals within a week, you can freeze the dinners and eat them within two weeks.  Each of the meals come in environmentally friendly bio-degradable containers.

Grandma's Kitchens
Grilled Shrimp, Yucca, and Plantains


The meals we tried were delicious and heated up beautifully! We loved every meal and savored all the unique flavors. The team behind Grandma’s Kitchens loves food and takes great care in developing their weekly menus. Don’t tell anyone but I may have mixed a plantain with my chicken and mushroom risotto. (We love plantains and theirs were like eating candy!) If you’re looking to make weeknight meals simple, you have to try them. Or, if you want your lunches at work to be healthier, you can do like my husband and take a meal for lunch. Either way, Grandma’s Kitchens meals are the easiest meal plan we have seen.

What’s your favorite delivery service? What’s your strategy for getting weekday meals made?

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  1. I wish there were more services like this around! I love that it is pre-cooked and also packaged in an more environmentally-friendly way. And topped off with a hand-drawn doodle? Too fun!

    I might have to research to see if I can find something similar local to me.

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