Christmas Movie Guide 2018

Holiday Entertainment: Christmas Movie Guide 2018

I’m obsessed with Christmas movies! Yes, I know we can figure out the plots early on, and sometimes the acting isn’t Oscar-worthy. But, I love how heartwarming they can be and the mini-vacation from real life they provide us. Not only are the films fun to watch they often feature amazing decorations and festive fashions.

This year, I developed a complete list of Christmas Movie Guide 2018 from my top five-holiday movie networks (Netflix, UP, Lifetime, HMM, and Hallmark). I developed this list to set my DVR, and I’m on a mission not to miss one film. I am a little late in preparing the list, so my listing picks up from the week of Thanksgiving!

Christmas Movie Guide 2018

Monday, November 19 (9PM)           HMM              Last Vermont Christmas
Tuesday, November 20 (9PM)           HMM              Hope at Christmas
Wednesday, November 21 (8PM)      Hallmark         Christmas at Grand Valley
Wednesday, November 21 (10PM)    Lifetime           A Christmas Arrangement
Thursday, November 22 (8PM)          Hallmark        Christmas at the Palace
Thursday, November 22 (8PM)         Lifetime           The Christmas Contract
Thursday, November 22 (10PM)       Lifetime           ‘Tis the Season: A One Tree Hill Cast Reunion
Friday, November 23 (8PM)              Hallmark         Pride, Prejudice and Mistletoe
Friday, November 23 (8PM)              Lifetime           Poinsettias for Christmas
Friday, November 23 (10PM)            Lifetime           Every Other Holiday
Saturday, November 24 (8PM)          Hallmark        Christmas Everlasting
Saturday, November 24 (8PM)          Lifetime           Every Day is Christmas
Saturday, November 24 (10PM)        Lifetime           Christmas Harmony
Saturday, November 24 (9PM)          HMM              Christmas on Honeysuckle Lane
Sunday, November 25 (8PM)             Hallmark         A Shoe Addict’s Christmas
Sunday, November 25 (8PM)            Lifetime           Jingle Belle
Sunday, November 25 (10PM)          Lifetime           Christmas Perfection
Friday, November 30 (8PM)              Lifetime           A Very Nutty Christmas
Saturday, December 1 (8PM)             Hallmark           Mingle All the Way
Saturday, December 1 (8PM)             Lifetime           A Twist of Christmas
Saturday, December 1 (9PM)             HMM              Welcome to Christmas
Saturday, December 1 (10PM)           Lifetime           Love for Christmas
Sunday, December 2 (7PM)               UP                Christmas Catch
Sunday, December 2 (8PM)               Hallmark          A Majestic Christmas
Sunday, December 2 (8PM)               Lifetime           The Christmas Pact
Sunday, December 2 (9PM)               HMM              Northern Lights of Christmas
Sunday, December 2 (10PM)             Lifetime           A Star for Christmas
Friday, December 7 (8PM)                Lifetime           Christmas Lost and Found
Saturday, December 8 (8PM)             Hallmark         Homegrown Christmas
Saturday, December 8 (8PM)             Lifetime           Santa’s Boots
Saturday, December 8 (9PM)             HMM              Memories of Christmas
Sunday, December 9 (7PM)               UP                   Christmas with a Prince
Sunday, December 9 (8PM)               Hallmark        Christmas Wonderland
Sunday, December 9 (8PM)               Lifetime           A Christmas in Tennessee
Sunday, December 9 (9PM)               HMM              Once Upon A Christmas Miracle
Sunday, December 9 (9PM)               UP                   Fairytale Christmas
Friday, December 14 (8PM)              Lifetime           Christmas Around the Corner
Saturday, December 15 (8PM)           Hallmark        A Gingerbread Romance
Saturday, December 15 (8PM)           Lifetime           Christmas Pen Pals
Saturday, December 15 (9PM)           HMM              Time for Me to Come Home for Christmas
Sunday, December 16 (7PM)             UP                   Christmas on Holly Lane
Sunday, December 16 (8PM)              Lifetime           Hometown Christmas
Sunday, December 16 (8PM)             Hallmark        Entertaining Christmas
Sunday, December 16 (9PM)             HMM              Reunited at Christmas
Friday, December 21 (8PM)              Lifetime           A Christmas Kiss
Saturday, December 22 (8PM)           Hallmark         Jingle Around the Clock
Saturday, December 22 (8PM)           Lifetime           A Golden Christmas
Saturday, December 22 (9PM)           HMM              Small Town Christmas
Sunday, December 23 (7PM)             UP                   Hometown Holiday
Sunday, December 23 (8PM)             Hallmark         Christmas Made to Order
Sunday, December 23 (8PM)             Lifetime           3 Holiday Tales
Sunday, December 23 (9PM)             HMM              Christmas Bells Are Ringing
Netflix               The Holiday Calendar
Netflix               The Princess Switch
Netflix               The Christmas Chronicles
Netflix               A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding

Download your complete 2018 Christmas Movie Guide ChristmasMovieGuide. Happy Watching!

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