Neighborhood Caroling

Holiday Party: A Neighborhood Caroling Party

Three years ago, we moved into our current neighborhood. The neighborhood was exactly what we were looking for: walking distance to a few restaurants and shops, safe to walk, and best of all I can ride my bike around our streets. The neighborhood also happened to be the home of one of my childhood friend and her family.

Last week, my friend asked me if I would help her and her husband plan a Neighborhood Caroling Party. I immediately said, YES! Jerad and I love Christmas caroling, and we had no caroling plans on our holiday agendas.

Neighborhood Caroling Party

Once we finalized a date, time, and location, I set out to design and print fliers for the event.  We decided to divide our neighborhood into two groups: a group we’d invite to join the Elm Street Carolers and the group we’d visit while caroling. You can download our fliers here:  FlierforCarolers and CarolingVisitFlyer.

During the week, my friend took printed copies of the fliers around the neighborhood and recruited participants. In the end, we had 15 carolers and visited 11 homes! While my friend recruited participants, I baked cookies to share with the neighbors we’d be visiting. Jerad developed our song list which included: Hark the Harold, O Come All Ye Faithful, Jingle Bells, and We Wish You a Merry Christmas. We printed ten copies of the song list, but could have used more!

We invited the carolers to meet us at my friend’s home. We supplied cookies, hot chocolate, and snacks. I didn’t get to grab a picture of our snack table before, but here is a snap of the table during the event!

Neighborhood Caroling Party

The carolers arrived on time with flashlights in hand! We spent a few minutes snacking and filling up our cups with hot chocolates before setting out to sing our hearts out.

Once the carolers were sufficiently fueled with Christmas cheer and sugar, we set out to make our caroling rounds. At each home, we sang three songs and wished the homeowners a Merry Christmas. We were quite the spectacle moving around the neighborhood. To our delight, a few of our neighbors had candy cane treats to share with us!

We had a fabulous time, and we can’t wait to do it again next year! We’ll just need more lights and more hot chocolate! I already have some ideas for a neighborhood Easter Egg hunt and July 4th parade.

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