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Holiday Party: Cookie Exchange

We baked, we ate, we voted, and we celebrated! My annual cookie exchange party was last week, and we had another phenomenal evening! I couldn’t have asked for a more fabulous group of friends and can they ever bake.

As each girl arrives, we select a Christmas platter, plate or stand for her cookies. She also chooses a number and puts it next to her cookie. I have an extensive collection of trays and stands we use, but sometimes guests bring their own.

We spend the first part of the party chatting and snacking on hors d’oeuvres. The first year I threw the party, I didn’t provide heavy hors-d’oeuvres…. and they all left with stomach aches.  Every year since we had a light dinner before we taste the cookies. An hour or so into the event, we start the cookie tasting and voting. When everyone has finished voting, we send our non-baking friend to the back bedroom to count the ballots. Her decision not to bake is in the best interest of the entire group. Her strength isn’t in the kitchen, but she’s an excellent ballot counter.

When she re-emerges, she announces the winners and we pass out the prizes and take photos! Before anyone leaves, we take a group selfie and pack their to-gogo containers.

Cookie Exchange 2018

This year’s Most Creative Cookie was a gluten-free rice crispy treat cookie with marshmallows. The cookie was so good; we didn’t even miss the gluten.

Most Creative Cookie


The Most Festive Cookie prize went to these lovely Christmas tree shaped treats.

christmas cookie
Most Festive Cookie


Our entry for best tasting cookie was a little late to the party, and I somehow missed taking a picture of them! But they were an excellent tasting cranberry and white chocolate cookie with sprinkles. It can be seen on this tasting plate!

cookie exchange
Best Tasting Cookie


Even though, they didn’t win… I have to share all our other entries!

cookie exchange  cookie exchange cookie exchange cookie exchange

cookie exchange

cookie exchange

We end the night with our annual group selfie. Now, it’s time to start planning for next year.


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