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Home Chef at Kroger: Carolina BBQ Chicken

I was shocked and pleasantly surprised to find Home Chef meal kits in stock at my local Kroger. I love home delivery meals and the convenience of a meal kit, but my budget doesn’t allow me to have a continuous membership. If you’ve been following for a while, you’ll know that I’ve tried all the big name brands Blue Apron, Hello Fresh, etc., and a few of the local brands like Grandma’s Kitchens.

Meal kits let me plan a healthy dinner for my family without having to stress over the ingredient list. The day I stumbled on Home Chef at Kroger, I was heading to the hot food counter to grab a rotisserie chicken. There peering at me from the case was a wide selection of Home Chef meals including Nashville Hot Chicken Tacos, Beef Mexi-Mac-and-Cheese Skillet, Smoked Gouda Crusted Chicken, BBQ Onion-Crusted Sirloin Steak and Carolina BBQ Chicken. After some debating, I ultimately decided on the Carolina BBQ Chicken meal.

Home Chef Meal Kits

Two factors that sold me on the meal kit was the promise of no chopping (I hate chopping), and the promise of a healthy meal in 30-40 minutes.

Home Chef
Home Chef Meal Kit: Carolina BBQ Chicken

The meal was incredibly easy to make! I opened the container followed the directions, and popped it into the oven. This particular meal kit did require me to add olive oil to the broccoli and the chicken.

Home Chef
Mixing the broccoli, onion, and olive oil together for a fabulous side dish.
Popping the meal in my oven.

For the price, ($16.99) I thought the meal kit was small. For instance, there were precisely two servings for dinner, so there were no leftovers for lunches the next day. However, I loved that I could purchase just one meal and not have to subscribe to the service.

Overall, I like this meal. I used less cheese than the meal asked for, and my final product did not look exactly like the container’s image, but I will purchase another kit. I’m considering a steak kit for a weekend meal.

Final Product

What’s your favorite Home Chef kit? Do you have a favorite meal delivery service?

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