knitted unicorn

Homemade Gifts: Knitted Unicorn

One of my goals for this year is to make more thoughtful and homemade gifts. I started the year by giving Jerad a hat and scarf set. My niece was born earlier this month, and it took a while to plan the perfect present for her. Two years ago, I knitted a blue teddy bear for her brother.  In the end, I opted to create a knitted unicorn for her.

Knitted Unicorn

A unicorn is a mythical and mystical creature that I find fascinating; I hope that baby girl will grow up loving this little creature.  Didn’t we all love She-ra’s unicorn Swift Wind?

I used Claire Garland’s Midsummer Unicorn pattern from Ravelry to construct the unicorn. The design was straightforward to follow. The unicorn consists of eight pieces (1 body, four limbs, two ears, one mane, one unicorn, one tail).  Each piece was knitted separately and then sewn together and assembled. There is a magical feeling of bringing these animals to life through the sewing and stuffing process. It’s my favorite part of the process.

Knitted Unicorn

I opted to use organic Pima cotton from Unique Sheep for the unicorn.  The organic Pima cotton ensures that the unicorn will be durable and washable.  I’m a huge fan of Unique Sheep’s products. In fact, I have a yarn membership and get a small delivery of Pima cotton every other month.

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