How To Make Homemade Vanilla Extract

I bake a lot, which means I use a lot of extracts. Like, a lot. But, I no longer buy the extracts that I use for baking and cooking. Making your extract is simpler than you ever imagined and addictive to make. I make my extracts in large batches. As in, I end up making multiple trips to the local ABC store. Trust me though, the cashier at the ABC store will only believe you are making extracts the first two times you go into the store to purchase liquor to use in the process.

Most extracts will remain stable for four years, although my bottles never last that long. I tend to share my stash with friends and family.


Boston Round Jars- I use clear jars, but amber jars are fine to use as well.
Vanilla Beans
Unflavored Vodka


1. Wash and sterilize the jars.
2. Cut in half and split the vanilla beans.
3. Place vanilla cut vanilla beans in the jar.  I use four pieces of vanilla bean per 2oz jar or six pieces vanilla bean per 4oz jar.
3. Place a funnel in one of the jars, then pour vodka over the vanilla beans. Place cap on the jar.
4. Label your extract jars and place in a cool dark spot for three months.
5. After three months, the extract is ready to be used or given as gifts.

I use four pieces of vanilla bean per 2oz jar or six pieces vanilla bean per 4oz jar.


Extract ready to use or to be gifted.


I prefer to use clear jars so I can monitor the curation progress of the extracts. But, using amber jars as many recipes suggest is perfectly fine. Happy extracting.

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