imPress Christmas Nails

I purchased several packs of imPress nails on a Black Friday deal. Lately, I’ve been keeping a gel manicure on my nails, but thought I’d give my nail beds a rest this Christmas season.  Plus, I’m a sucker for lovely holiday items! Seriously, you should see my collection of holiday clothes.

My nails in desperate need of a manicure.


imPress Christmas manicure set.


I carefully read the instructions for applying the nails, and then proceeded with my manicure. After cleaning and prepping my nail beds, I laid out the nails in the order I would be applying them; pinky nail to thumbnail they were ready to be used.

Nails laid out ready to apply.


Manicure finished!


My manicure turned out really cute, unfortunatly the nails only held for a few hours not a week like I was hoping.  But, if you’re looking for a sweet manicure for an ugly sweater party or to wear to a quick gathering, you won’t be disappointed. For now, I’ll stick to nail polish or shellac. But, imPress was a fun distraction, and I have a Reindeer set I’m going to wear on Christmas Eve.


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  1. I’m sorry your Impress nails did not last. I have been using Impress Nails for a year now and once I apply them they last me for about 2 weeks and the only reason I need to change them is because my real nail have grown and you can see the outgrowth.

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