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I have a love/hate relationship with shoes. It is incredibly difficult for me to find shoes that fit and can be worn all day. Not only do my pronate but I also have incredibly flat feet. Shoe shopping is a nightmare for me. I stick to two brands of flats. That is until I came across Rothy’s.

For the past few weeks, I’ve seen Rothy’s advertisements on my Instagram feed and the Internet. But, I ignored them. No way that these flats could work for me but, I finally decided to visit their website and could not believe how incredible these shoes are! They are great for the environment and 100% vegan.  There are so many reasons to love the Rothy’s.

Rothy’s are washable. You can drop these shoes in the wash if they get stained or sweaty. This is huge for me, like huge especially with the warm summers we have here in Virginia.  Rothy’s are Recycled and Recyclable meaning these shoes are also good for the environment.

But, what sold me on Rothy’s was the removable insoles. Why? Well, with my feed issues I wear specialized orthotics that can fit in the Rothy’s! (Shout out to my favorite orthopedic company Aetrex.) This means I can have the best of both worlds comfort and style. SOLD. I’ll be a customer for LIFE.


The Rothy’s fit true to size. I ordered two sizes as I’m sometimes between sizes and the small of the two fit perfectly!  The process to return the larger pair was super simple and done via an online form. The leopard shoes I ordered are in limited stock, so if you want a set get them NOW.

Click HERE for $20 off your order.

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