Moana Inspired: Kakamura Treat Bucket DIY

If you’re a parent, you know how special Halloween can be for your little ones. My daughter’s love for the Polynesian princess Moana has been unwavering since infancy, so it was no surprise when she chose Moana as one of her Halloween costumes this year. Halloween has always been a fun event in our household, with cherished memories of my mom taking my brother and I to the fabric store to select or create our costumes. Continuing this tradition, I enjoy curating matching costumes for our family. I only wish I had the sewing skills my mom possesses.

I crafted a Moana-inspired Kakamura Halloween bucket for my daughter, and I’m sharing all the details so you can create one at home, too!

How to Create a Moana-Inspired Kakamura Halloween Bucket

Part 1: Materials and Preparation

To get started, I searched the internet to find a Moana-inspired treat bucket and found NOTHING for purchase. I searched Pinterest and found several craft projects that inspired this one. Once I had the idea, I gathered the necessary products and materials to bring the bucket to life.

Here’s what you’ll need to get started:

Part 2: Painting the Bucket

As I mentioned, I purchased a standard orange pumpkin treat bucket from Target. Feel free to use any bucket you can find at your local stores. Remove the handles and get ready to paint. I used brown spray paint and applied three coats to the bucket, ensuring each coat dried before moving on to the next. Remember to paint both the inside and outside of the bucket.

Part 3: Creating the Kakamura Face

Now, let’s focus on Kakamura’s face. I scoured Etsy for an SVG file but couldn’t find one, so I decided to take matters into my own hands. Using Canvas Workspace for my Brother ScanNCut, I created a simple Kakamura face. Then, I divided the face into layers based on the vinyl colors I intended to use.

Kakamura Face
Kakamura Layers

Part 4: Vinyl Cutting and Application

With the Kakamura face design ready, it’s time to cut the vinyl and bring the face to life. I encountered a few hiccups here – the brown paint and transfer tape didn’t mix well so, I had to repaint the bucket multiple times during this stage. I recommend that the vinyl pieces be placed on the bucket by hand and you avoid using transfer tape for this project to prevent paint-peeling mishaps.

Kakamura Face

The Final Result

After some trial and error, I successfully created two Kakamura faces, one for each side of our bucket. The final product turned out pretty cute; most importantly, my daughter loves it.

Kakamura Halloween Bucket

Get the SVG File

To make your Halloween crafting easier, I’m offering the SVG file of the Kakamura-inspired face for free. Download it and create your whimsical bucket!

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