Why I Love My Kindle Oasis

My Kindle Oasis is the first electronic device that has been able to keep up with my life. I’ve rarely met an electronic device that I couldn’t kill. In fact, just this week Apple returned the iPhone 6+ I attempted to trade-in. Apparently, Apple felt the replacement screen, camera, and charging port compromise the integrity of the phone. What do they know!?! (jk, of course)

The Best E-Reader You’ll Ever Own

The Kindle Oasis fits more pages per word than the traditional Kindle, and involves fewer page turns! The device is portable and lightweight. The best part of the Kindle is that it is WATERPROOF! I’ve been able to read in the pool and bathtub for the last year. I’m also a big fan of the ergonomic design.

Together, my e-reader and I have traveled to three countries, five states, several Amtrak trips, a catamaran cruise, endless baths, and two summers at the pool. And, it’s still in near-perfect condition!

I also have a Kindle Unlimited that allows me to check out an unlimited number of e-Books a month for a low rate of $10.

Summer Reading

Summer isn’t quite over, but so far I’ve enjoyed over fifteen books. I’m sharing a few of my favorites. Some books were incredible, some well… let’s just say, I’m a little sorry I even read them. But, the ones I listed below, you’ll love these.

Have you read any great books lately? If so, share! I’m building my fall reading list.

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