mens knit hat and scarf set

Knitting: Easy Men’s Knit Hat and Scarf Set

Over a year ago, Jerad visited Yarn Matters with me and picked out the yarn for this project based on its color and texture. I didn’t start working on this men’s knit hat and scarf set until late fall and gave it to Jerad as an anniversary gift. The yarn I used was surprisingly thin, and it took several false starts to find the right pattern. I started this hat three times on my flight to Ireland. I know my plane seatmate thought I was crazy.

Men’s Knit Hat and Scarf Set

Finding a matching set of patterns for the hat and scarf was difficult, and the search was only further complicated by the thin weight of the yarn and my knitting skill set. Ultimately, Christian’s Scarf and Hat pattern from Love Knitting was the perfect solution, and was free!

mens knit hat and scarf set

The pattern is relatively simple and relies heavily on the traditional knit, purl stitches. I used multiple markers to assist me in creating the checkboard pattern. I altered the scarf pattern to include a loop at the top of the scarf. The loop allows for a snug fit around for the neck that ensures the wearer remains warm.

Men's Knit Hat and Scarf Set

I was happy with the final product, and so was Jerad. The stitch was simple and the hat was stretchy to ensure a perfect fit. Have you made a matching knit hat and scarf set? Where did you find your pattern?

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