The Land of Oz: An Unexpected Adventure

My friend Kelly LOVES Oz; she loves Oz the way I love Halloween and Christmas. So, when she asked me to travel six hours to visit the Land of Oz with her, I immediately said yes! Visiting Oz was her Superbowl.

Preparing for Oz

Luck was on our side, and we managed to secure passes to this immersive theatrical experience as soon as they went on sale. To make the journey memorable, we convinced two other friends to join us down the yellow brick road. Outfit coordination was taken seriously, right down to our rainbow crystal headbands and Oz-themed earrings. We booked a cozy condo close to the park to ensure maximum Oz enjoyment.

The Arrival and The Land of Oz Experience

The Land of Oz is a fascinating place that requires visitors to select an arrival time when purchasing tickets. I suggest you opt for an early time slot and arrive promptly, as it takes approximately 30-40 minutes to reach the top of the mountain and about three hours to explore the entire park. Before heading to Oz, there’s an Oz village at the foot of the hill, filled with Oz memorabilia, artisans, delicious food, and the last restrooms you’ll find on your journey. Be warned; Oz has only 2-3 port-a-potties and no full bathrooms. So, use the bathroom at the brewery in the Oz Village before setting off on your Oz adventure.

The Scenic Lift Ride and the Views of Oz

We opted for the Scenic Lift Ride to ascend to the top of the mountain for our arrival and chose the shuttle bus for our descent. A word of caution for those afraid of heights or with small children: consider taking the bus to Oz, as the views from the lift are unique but might be a bit overwhelming.

The Journey through Oz

Upon arrival, we were warmly greeted by Ozians and had the opportunity to view the map of Oz and the Judy Garland outlook. Our real adventure commenced as we began our journey through Oz, starting in Kansas. The Oz Shop in this area and the one in Emerald City offered the best Oz items, so remember to stop by and browse. I found a Glinda stuffed doll, which I now display in my office. Before entering the Gale Farmhouse, meet Professor Marvel and catch the Farmhand show.

The Tornado and the Wicked Witch of the West

We had a delightful encounter with Auntie Em inside the Gale Farmhouse, followed by an unexpected twist as we found ourselves in the middle of a tornado! The tornado was an exhilarating feature of the park. As we left the farmhouse, we caught our first glimpse of the furious Wicked Witch of the West, so be cautious as you continue on your journey.

Meeting Familiar Friends

Following the yellow brick road, we met beloved characters such as the Scarecrow, Tin Man, Cowardly Lion, and Dorothy. Photo opportunities with these characters were necessary, so we waited in all the lines to capture these magical moments. I couldn’t resist meeting Glinda, my favorite of all the Oz characters, but regrettably missed seeing her in the Emerald City.

Enchanting Performances and The Haunted Forest

As we ventured deeper into Oz, we encountered pop-up performances of various characters, making the experience even more enchanting. The Haunted Forest was an eerie but captivating sight, guarded by the Flying Monkeys devoted to their Wicked Witch. Take advantage of the Wicked Witch’s performance; she’s delightfully wicked and hilariously entertaining, interacting the most with visitors.

The Emerald City and Beyond

The beautiful Poppy Field is one of the last stops before reaching the Emerald City. Here, you’ll also glimpse one of the remaining hot air balloon attractions from the original Land of Oz theme park. The grand finale awaits you at the gates of the Emerald City. After a tiring but rewarding hike, you’ll find another Oz gift shop, refreshments for sale, and the Oz port-a-potties. The Emerald City finale show is not to be missed, and you’ll have the opportunity to take photos with the Wizard and the entire Oz cast.

An Unforgettable Experience

Every cast member at The Land of Oz was exceptionally helpful and kind. The trail, sets, and costumes were of the highest quality, making the entire experience truly fantastic. I’m immensely grateful that I embarked on this journey down the yellow brick road to the magical Land of Oz, and I highly suggest every Oz lover go at least once.

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