lilibet's first birthday dress

Lilibet’s First Birthday Dress Dupe

Did you see Lilibet’s first birthday dress? I immediately thought it was adorable and vaguely familiar. Okay, very familiar! Did you see what I saw?

Yep! Lilibet’s first birthday dress looks a lot like Adeline’s first dress. We picked our timeless gown up from Feltman Brothers, and it’s still available. This lovely Pearl Flower Fly Sleeve Bishop Dress is the perfect dress for the little princess in your life.

I consider myself a novice royal watcher. I’ve collected magazines and newspaper clippings from royal funerals, engagements, baby announcements, and weddings. You might not know this, but in the lead-up to Kate & Will’s wedding and for a few months after, I was the royal correspondent for the now-defunct wedding site Wedzilla. It was a fabulous time finding dupes of Kate’s gowns, rings, and guessing which designer would design the gown of the century!

The moment the engagement of Megan & Harry was announced, I became enamored with the idea of an American princess. I immediately made plans to visit Europe during the wedding celebrations. However, life I had slightly other plans for me. My doctorate graduation fell on the same weekend, and I reluctantly opted to attend my hooding ceremony rather than a royal wedding. Megan became a duchess the same weekend I became a doctor. Don’t feel bad for me though, thanks to a family member, I scored an official wedding memorabilia plate for the Sussex wedding.

Alas, I digress. For my fellow royal watchers, I’ve compiled my top two dupes of Lilibet’s first birthday dress, happy shopping!

Pearl Flower Fly Sleeve Bishop Dress by Feltman Brothers

You already know this little dress is one of my favorites! I haven’t yet bought it in a second size, but I’m seriously considering the purchase. At $69, it’s more budget-friendly than some other dresses on our list.

Bishop Pique Dress by Isabel Garreton

Most royal baby watchers think this adorable blue dress by Isabel Garreton is the exact dress that Lilibet wore. You can pick up this cute dress online at Saks Fifth Avenue for $132.

Which dress are you snagging for your princess?

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