May the 4th

May the 4th Be With You: Disney Food Edition

It’s no secret our family loves Star Wars, and while the parks are closed so no one is celebrating May the 4th at Disney. It would be one epic celebration if we could be there today.

During our trip in January, we discovered all the Star Wars-themed dining locations at the park! Would you believe my best meal of the trip was at one of these locations? It was, seriously fantastic.

Olga’s Cantina

We slipped into Olga’s Cantina early one morning while waiting to ride, Rise of the Resistance. We’d purchased a Disney meal plan, and Olga’s wasn’t included in our package. But, that didn’t stop us from grabbing a snack.

Olga's Cantina

The dining room space is dark, and the seating is communal. But, I promise you’ll end up with a fun tablemate who loves Star Wars as much as you do! Olga’s offers a variety of drinks and small snacks.

We enjoyed the Mustafarian Lava Roll (cinnamon roll) and the Blue Bantha drink served with a vanilla butter sugar cookie. The Mustafarian Lava Roll was fabulous, we weren’t fans of the Blue Bantha. It was served cool and tasted like blue Pepto-Bismol… BUT, I’ve heard if you buy the Blue Bantha from the frozen drink vendor that it’s fabulous.

Olga's Cantina
Mustafarian Lava Roll
Blue Bantha and Vanilla Butter Sugar Cookie

Docking Bay Food & Cargo

One of our last meals at Disney was at Docking Bay Food & Cargo, and it was one of my favorite meals of the trip. It was also a nice treat that our dining plan worked for our meal.

May the 4th

I ordered the Endorian Fried Chick Tip Yip, and it was perfect. Maybe it was all the fast food or my southern roots but this fried chicken meal served with mac and cheese was the meal I’d been waiting for! The veggies were good too!

May the 4th
Endorian Fried Chicken Tip Yip

Are you celebrating May the 4th with Star Wars-themed foods?

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