Mean Girls- The Broadway Show

Who doesn’t remember Mean Girls? We all remember a Regina from high school (or college), and we all remember being awkward and new at some point like Cady. We laughed at the script, and have spent the last ten years quoting the movie.  On Wednesdays, we wear pink… You can’t sit with us!… That’s so FETCH!

Tina Fey and her husband Jeff Richmond have teamed up to develop Mean Girls into a Broadway Show that will debut this spring in New York City.  BUT, the show is currently doing previews at the National Theatre in Washington, DC and I was able to see it this weekend. SQUEAL!!!

And yes, it was everything I hoped it would be and more. The show seamlessly moved between scenes with unexpected twists. Rolling desks, electronic boards, and quick moving actors meant that the show never skipped a beat as it transitioned from the fields of Africa to the North Shore Mall to the halls of North Shore High School.

The storyline was well written and hysterically funny. There were pop culture references mixed in with the old dialog. The show is told as a retrospective and begins on the 2nd Annual Friendship Day. An annual event that North Shore High School now holds for insurance purposes and because one girl tried to kill another girl with a bus. 🙂

If you love the Mean Girls movie, you’ll adore the Broadway adaption.  And if you get to see the show, be sure and order the So Fetch Fizz (orange juice, sprite, and a splash of grenadine. It was fab!

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  1. I agree with Amanda! This show was FANTASTIC! It was fresh and funny but still kept the integrity of the original movie!

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