Modern Day Grocery Shopping

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Two years ago, I broke my hip and was bedridden for a very long time. I should do an entire blog series titled My Life as a Recluse… but I probably won’t. When I resumed my regular life several months later, I didn’t have the energy or strength to work all day and then purchase our groceries. To add to my lack of energy, I actually hate grocerty shopping. I love to cook, but I hate to grocerty shop. Luckily for me, just as I was getting well grocery shopping services were increasing in popularity.

Kroger ClickList

For $4.95, Kroger Clicklist allows you to have someone do your grocery shopping and bring your groceries out to your car! My first experience with Kroger Clicklist was fantastic, and I’ve been addicted to the service ever since. I still use Kroger Clicklist several times a month. It’s a small fee to pay to get extra time in your day.  But, I’ve had some interesting experiences with Kroger Clicklist. If you’re picky about your grocery items, you’ll want to check the option to not allow substitutes.

Also, I once managed to triple my grocery order when I attempted to add additional items to my order. Fortunately, the customer service agent at Kroger was very friendly about my return of my triplicate items and got a good laugh out of it.


Kroger Clicklist will always be my favorite of all the grocery shopping services. But, I have come to love InstaCart in the past few months. InstaCart is more expensive than Kroger Clicklist, but if watch for deals and plan out your order the fee isn’t terrible. The delivery fee for InstaCart ranges from $5.99 – $9.99. In Richmond, InstaCart services the local Publix, CVS Pharmacy, PetCo, and FoodLion. I’ve had food delivered from Publix and Foodlion. Clark and I like to do our PetCo shopping on-site at the local store. InstaCart drivers, shop for your groceries and then deliver the groceries to your front door. But, they aren’t as accurate as my friends at Kroger Clicklist. I’ve had a few odd items delivered. For instance, instead of soup cups they delivered soup from the hot bar. Still served the same purpose and made for a warm and delicious lunch.  I once decided, to add 10 packages of varying flavors of instant rice and potatoes just to get free shipping. It’s a good thing

Walmart Grocery

For the record, I have tried Walmart’s Grocery service but I wasn’t a fan. But to be fair, I don’t frequently grocery shop at Walmart. The local Walmart is fifteen minutes away from me, and probably is the number one reason why I don’t shop their for groceries. The coupon they gave, the shoppers and the welcome basket were all very nice. The best thing about Walmart’s Grocery Service is that there is no fee for the service. It’s FREE everyday.

Have you used you a grocery delivery service? If so, what’s your favorite service.



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