The Five Best Mommy & Me Costumes of 2020

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The chill is in the air, and Halloween is less than two weeks away! Do you have your costume ready? Adeline and I are ready! Halloween is going to look different this year, but that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate in style.

Dressing up has always been one of my favorite past-times. There are rumors that as I child I enjoyed dressing up as an old woman. These have not been verified. 🙂 As I’ve gotten older, I still love dressing up. But, the older I’ve gotten… the smaller the costumes have gotten. I consider finding cute women’s costumes as a part-time hobby.

I’ve developed a list of five mommy & me costumes that you can order today on Amazon and be ready to celebrate Halloween in style. Trust me, your mini-me will love having you dressed up with her!

Classic Pumpkin Twins

This costume set is a classic! You can’t go wrong with dressing your little pumpkin up as a pumpkin, and you’ll be pretty cute too in this matching tunic. Pair this festive tunic with jeans, a pumpkin fascinator, and a festive bag.


Women’s Pumpkin Tunic, $13.99
Pumpkin Fascinator, $12.88 a
Infant Pumpkin Costume, $24.99
Pumpkin Purse, $22.98

Snow White & The Evil Queen

This Evil Queen costume kit is on my personal wish list! You’ll need to order this soon before it sells out. Throw the cape over a black dress or jeans and you’ll be all set! Bonus points if you purchase the headpiece. Personally, I’d forgo the headpiece.

Your little one will perfectly coordinate with you in this sweet and simple Snow White ensemble. I’m pretty sure Adeline and I will be heading out next Halloween in a very similar look to this set!


Evil Queen Costume Kit, $29.99
Evil Queen Headpiece, $19.99
Snow White Infant/Toddler Costume, $19.99
Poisoned Apple Purse, $27.00

Alice & The Red Queen

Growing up, I loved the Disney Channel show called Adventures in Wonderland. It’s epic, if you haven’t seen it you need to! The Red Queen was my favorite character and this costume selection is in homage to her and her amazing fashion sense. Your mini-me will be adorable as a little Alice in Wonderland. I promise you’ll be invited to all the tea parties.


Capelet, $14.99
Crown, $12.99
Jewelry Set, $8.99
Infant Alice Costume, $25.55

Wonder Woman & Bat Girl


Clark and I were Batgirl & Superman, and it was an awesome “couples costume”. You’ll be the talk of the neighborhood as you stroll down the streets as this dynamic duo.

The batgirl cape and mask can easily be thrown over jeans and a black t-shirt for a simple costume. Or, you can go a little more glamourous by adding a black dress, tights, and boots.

Just make sure you bundle up your little WonderWoman before a night out at a local festival or trick-or-treating. A long-sleeve undershirt and tights should keep your little hero warm.

Princess Peach & Ms. Mario

Is your princess in another castle? Then, you’ll love this costume set that mixes Princess Peach and a Ms. Mario into the perfect dream team! Princess Peach has always been on my costume wish list, but now that Adeline has arrived I think I’ll pass the golden tiara on to the little one and I’ll move on to curate a Ms. Mario look.


Pair these overalls with a red top and a costume kit (forgo the mustache, I’m not sure it will be a great look. Sorry, no Yoshi is included in the set.

Princess Peach Toddler, $26.42
Princess Peach Tiara, $13.89
Mario Costume Kit, $13.99
Women’s Coveralls, $28.00

Ready or not, Halloween is just around the corner. Do you have your costumes planned?

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