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Mommy & Me Knit Candy Corn Hats

One of my favorite things about Halloween is candy corn! It’s a highly controversial opinion, but I love it. I keep glass pumpkins around my house stocked with candy corn and candy pumpkins all fall. But, I don’t just love the candy I also love decor inspired by the classic candy.

Finding the Pattern

I found this pattern early in my pregnancy and I knew that I needed to make this hat for my little one. I’m a novice knitter and struggle knitting in the fair isle style. But, I’m always up for a challenge.

candy corn

I was shockingly surprised at how easy the hat was for me to make. Maybe, I’ve finally mastered the art of the fair isle knit. I did opt to forgo the pom-pom on the little one’s hat.

A Matching Hat for Me

I loved this pattern so much, my own mom surprised me with a matched hat for me. She altered the original pattern by casting on in an adult dimension that was divisible by 8, and she doubled the candy corn portion of the pattern.

Candy Corn

We’ve already worn our matching set out on walks around the neighborhood. I’ll be devastated to pack these beauties up at the end of the season. At least we have Christmas ahead of us.

Candy Corn

I’ve already made a list of matching hats I want to try and make for the two of us. Including a Frankenstein set and a set of black cat hats! Let’s see if I can get them knit fast enough.

Are you ready for fall and all the fun possibilities?

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