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Halloween Mommy & Me Inspiration

It’s no secret that I love all the holidays and holiday attire. I’m already planning Mommy & Me Halloween inspired outfits, for me and Adeline. Unique Vintage dropped their Creepy Collection line this week, and man do I wish my wallet could buy one of EVERYTHING! The collection is more cute than creepy. The line is epic, but I’m only sharing a few of my favorites.

Mod Bat Collection

It was love at first sight when I spotted this purple and black bat dress on the Unique Vintage site. It’s one of the few pieces I splurged on this year. Last year, I nabbed the pumpkin version, and it was an awesome fit.

Photo courtesy of Unique Vintage.

This smocked bat dress from Lil Cactus, is adorable! I nabbed it recently on a Zulily sale. The dress won’t fit Baby Girl this year, but we will be wearing it next year! I’ve linked to similar dresses from Lil Cactus.

Photo courtesy of Zulily.

Casual Festive Collection

As soon as I saw this cat jumper on Carter’s website, I had to have it! I normally don’t pay full price for items, but this was a have to have! Full disclosure, we totally have this piece too!

Photo courtesy of Carter’s.

I love these comfy sweaters Unique Vintage that are released every season. I’ll be sporting last year’s Candy Corn inspired sweater all fall, but I wish I could add this pumpkin one to my collection! Who knows, by the time Halloween came around I may just own this little number.

Photo courtesy of Unique Vintage.

A festive post isn’t complete without mentioning this Betsey Johnson, Oh My Gord purse. Isn’t it amazing?

Photo courtesy of Betsey Johnson.

Where do you find your best Mommy & Me Halloween looks? I’d love to see them!

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