MoviePass: The Next Great Thing

When I first heard about MoviePass, I thought it was a scam. I am delighted to say it’s not! And I used my pass three times this weekend. It is amazing!

MoviePass was created by one of the founders of Netflix and uses a similar subscription platform. The process for signing up is easy, and you can cancel your membership at any time. The pass will set you back $9.95 a month; and will allow you to see one movie in the theaters per calendar day. The catch is… not all theatres accept the pass.

I’m sure as with Netflix, the terms of the service will change and the prices will slowly increase. Each membership allows allowing one purchase.  But, for now, I’m ridiculously excited to use the service. We’ve already ordered Jerad his membership. I can’t wait for his card to arrive so we can catch all the latest films.

Seven Steps to Activate A MoviePass Membership:

1. Sign-up on the MoviePass website. Click HERE for the link.

2. Wait for your card to arrive, it will take ten business days to reach your home address.

3. Once your card comes in, download the MoviePass app. It’s available for Apple and Andriod phones. Check the app to see which theatres accept MoviePass in your area.

4. Go to the Movies! Once you arrive at the theatre, turn on your phone’s location services and select your theatre.  Then, choose your movie.

5. Activate your card. Turning on your location services activates your MoviePass card. You’ll need the app and card for your purchase to work. You’ll need to be within 100 yards of the theatre for this step.

6. Pay. Once you’ve activated your card, you’ll go to the ticket counter and purchase your ticket.

7. Turn off your phone and enjoy your show.

You will not regret signing up for a membership.

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