New Year’s Tree

The day after Christmas, I convert our dining room tree to a New Year’s tree. Between now and New Year’s Eve, we’ll take down the bulk of our Christmas decor down. Does anyone else think its tragic to take down holiday decor? I know, I do. I may have even shed some tears as I started washing my Christmas linens.

But, I do love New Years! We host a small gathering every New Year’s Eve at our home, and I use the tree as decoration and as storage for everyone’s New Year’s Swag. As our guests arrive, I ask them to pick out a hat, necklace and set of sunglasses from the tree for the night. I use the same hats, tiaras, and beads every year, but I do order new shutter glasses each year from Oriental Trading Company. You can grab your 2018 shutter glasses HERE.

Do you decorate a tree for New Years?


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