Old Shirts- New Life- One Blanket

Making a t-shirt quilt has been on my to-do list for… a DECADE. Yes, I’ve been procrastinating on this project through three moves and ten years. Cutting old t-shirts into 10×10 blocks as the years passed by, I even went as far as to purchase fabric for the stripping.

One Saturday afternoon, I happened to be watching TV in my basement when a talk show highlighted a company called Project Repat. The segment immediately caught my attention. The short story is that Project Repat employees American workers at a fair and living wage and the blanket is crafted here in the United States.

This blanket is truly a patchwork of my memories… a glance at the finished product explains some of the pivotal and memorable moments in my life. Concerts, graduations, weddings, and races they are all included this treasured blanket that I can’t wait to cuddle up under this fall and winter.

Old shirts almost ready to ship.

The best part, the cost! I paid 130 dollars for the completed product. That included shipping the shirts via UPS and the return shipping back to me following the blankets construction. The customer service agents were excellent and responded to all of my questions. My only complaint? I used an introduction coupon with my order, but I received an even better coupon two weeks after I placed my order.

Completed quilt.

Collect your old-t-shirts and order your blanket now! You’ll only regret that you waited to order.

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