Our Oven Upgrade

When we sold our first home, I was devastated to leave mine behind my oven. It was a white coil range, and I loved it. Our new home came with a glass top oven/range, and I wasn’t impressed. Nevermind, the oven was an odd off-white color. But, it worked, and we needed to spend our money on more critical repairs.

So, I learned to love the off-white oven, and we lived happily for a year and a half until canning season.  Canning season came, and the off-white oven began to take hours… and I mean hours to bring my canner pot to a boil. But, it still worked…

Then, in the late summer, the only way I could get food to cook evenly was to use the speed bake. But, the final straw came in the fall when one of the burners stopped working.  So, we began shopping.  I decided I either wanted a coil or a Samsung oven to match our fridge. Well, thanks to Lowe’s Black Friday Sale we managed to get a Samsung glass top oven for around $500!! Thank you, Black Friday Fairies.

We did have to wait for over a month for the new oven to be delivered, she arrived last week, and we love her. There is an odd gap between the oven and the wall now, so I’ll have to figure out how to put a shelf there. I love keeping salt and pepper in the oven.

Kitchen Upgrade List- backsplash, floors, and countertops! But, we’ll be tackling the backsplash next.

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